Born Ready Series


We are excited to partner with our fetal, perinatal and neonatal medicine experts to share clinical trends, best practices, care management tips, and updates on technological innovations to care for patients experiencing high-risk pregnancies and babies who are born prematurely or with special health care needs.

Series objectives:

  • Identify current treatment and management options for a variety of perinatal, fetal and neonatal conditions.
  • Discuss clinical changes that may alter the clinical care plan for prenatal care and delivery management.
  • Identify common maternal diagnoses that can affect the newborn’s health after birth

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Born Ready Upcoming Presentations

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July 28 - Psychotropic medicines in pregnancy

August 25 - Polyhydramnios in pregnancy

September 22 - Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Preterm Infants - What's New?

October 27 - Maternal Genetic Conditions and Pregnancy

November 10 - Updates in Preterm Birth Prevention and Management

December 8 - CV OB

Born Ready Video Library

Please click on the link below to access pre-recorded sessions which are available for continuing education credits

Born Ready Video Library

Previously recorded videos NOT for credit:

January 2022 - Updates in Fetal Growth Restriction
March 2022 - When babies outgrow their lungs
April 2022 - Genetic Counseling, Screening & Testing in the Perinatal Setting
May 2022 - The Care of the Rubenesque Mom