If you are currently graduate level or higher in an accredited, not-for-profit program in the United States and are interested in an experience at a Children's Minnesota location, please review the options available at this time.



  1. All trainees are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19, no exemptions are available. 
  2. Children's Minnesota GME office has chosen to collaborate exclusively with not-for-profit programs that have an in-person component to their training and are physically located in the United States. Rotational opportunities will not be available to students from for-profit, international, and/or fully online-only programs. 
  3. Our staff at Children's Minnesota cannot match interested trainees with a professional staff member to serve as a preceptor. We also cannot provide contact information beyond what is publicly available in our Find a Doctor database.  
  4. Trainees who have been approved for a rotation opportunity at Children’s Minnesota must comply with onboarding deadlines. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the experience, and any future requests will not be considered.  
  5. If a rotation is no longer needed, the Medical Education Department must be notified immediately. 
  6. Employed Children’s staff seeking a clinical rotation as part of a training program are strongly advised to rotate outside of the department they normally work in. Hours worked during an employee shift do not count toward clinical hours for credit. 

Prior to the start of an approved rotation with Children's Minnesota, the following must be completed and/or on file with Children's Minnesota: 

  1. Current affiliation agreement between Children's Minnesota and the training program. Children's Minnesota will initiate the agreement once the rotational experience has been approved. This work is required to begin at least 2 months prior to an agreed upon start date. No onboarding is allowed to begin until the affiliation agreement is fully executed. If legal terms cannot be agreed upon, the rotation will be canceled. 
  2. The Trainee’s Institution is required to be currently insured for professional liability, which covers students AND faculty.  Liability limits are a minimum of $2,000,000/$4,000,000.  The School will provide Children’s with a certificate of insurance evidencing said coverage or a letter describing its professional liability protection if self-insured. 
  3. Prior to the start of a clinical, hands-on rotation, the trainee must provide proof of Minnesota DHS Background Study conducted by their current training program. Additionally, if applicable, the trainee must obtain and provide a Minnesota Board of Medical Practice Residency Permit for the duration of the experience at Children’s Minnesota. Failure to provide either or both items by the requested date will result in cancellation of experience. 


Requesting a New Clinical Rotation (hands-on, for academic credit): Training programs seeking to add new experiences at Children's must complete the Children's Minnesota Rotation Request application no less than 120 days (about 4 months) prior to the proposed start date of the experience. 

Important Information Regarding the Rotation Request Process:

  • Rotation Request Process applies to rotations for Medical Students (University of Minnesota, only), Residents and Fellows. It does not apply to experiences that are already documented in current, active Program Letters of Agreement (PLAs) with affiliated programs. If you would like a list of approved experiences that have been preapproved with Children's Minnesota for programs within your institution, please contact us via email at Medical.Education@childrensmn.org.
  • Visiting Medical Students who are interested in rotations at Children's Minnesota must go through the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) system to explore possible experiences with placements at our institution as visiting University of Minnesota Medical Students. Please note that Children's Minnesota no longer offers for-credit experiences for students who wish to create rotations or experiences at our facility.
  • For any experience that is not currently documented in an active PLA, programs will need to submit the rotation request application within the specified timeline. The request must be approved by the Children's Minnesota Graduate Medical Education Office before any onboarding or scheduling conversations can take place. Please note that approval can only be granted by our office.
  • Our office is working on moving this application process to Clinician Nexus in late spring 2024. Please check back for updates on the change!

Initiate the Process by completing an application below

PDF icon 2024 Children's Minnesota RRP - Trainee Application

PDF icon 2024 Children's Minnesota RRP - Program Application


Observer/Shadowing (hands-off, not for credit): Interested trainees must be at the Graduate Medical training level or higher and must identify and secure a preceptor for their experience who agrees to always supervise the trainee onsite for the duration of the experience. Once a preceptor is identified, the applicant must create a student account on Clinician Nexus and then search for observe/shadowing experiences and apply through Clinician Nexus' online marketplace. 

For assistance or if you have questions about this process, please reach out to our team in Medical Education.