Supervision Grids

The Medical Education Department along with the various hosting departments within Children’s Minnesota maintain the supervision grids for students, residents, and fellows for the training disciplines listed below:

  • Social Work Interns
  • Pharmacy Students and Residents
  • Psychology Interns, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and License-Pending Psychologists
  • CNS Students
  • APRN Students
  • PA Students
  • Medical Students
  • Medical Residents and Fellows

The supervision guidelines listed are intended to provide a MINIMUM supervision requirement for any clinical procedure a trainee is participating in while onsite at Children’s Minnesota. Trainees and supervising preceptors must work together to ensure that validation of skills has occurred prior to performing any clinical procedures independently. These guidelines are not intended to interfere with the provision of life-saving care. An attending physician must be involved in and responsible for the care of each hospital patient. Please refer to the specialty within which a trainee is working to determine supervision requirements on each departmental supervision grid.

If there are questions about supervision requirements it is best to err on the side of caution and seek assistance from Medical Education.