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Pediatric Acute Wound Management Care and Suturing

Learn more about pediatric wound management care and suturing. 

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Trauma Speakers Series

Children’s Minnesota Trauma Speaker Series IV:
Caring for the Whole Patient

Children’s Minnesota Trauma Speaker Series IV is designed to strengthen the trauma assessment skills and knowledge of trauma care for front-line caregivers in order to facilitate positive outcomes for injured pediatric patients. Through the use of case scenarios and discussions highlighting care considerations, the learner will gain knowledge and awareness of the impact of social, cultural, and ethical aspects of their patients’ lives on the care they receive for their injuries. 


  • Use case reviews to highlight the importance of ongoing assessment of the injured child to identify injuries and promote recovery. 
  • Discuss the religious, cultural, and social beliefs, histories, and traditions of various community groups and their impact on the care of injured children.
  • Review legal and ethical principles that guide the care of injured children in the healthcare setting.  

Join us on the second Wednesday of each month as our trauma team discusses topics relevant to caring for trauma patients. At Children’s Minnesota, we’re specialized in everything, and ready for anything.

This series has ended. Please watch for information for our next series which will start the Fall of 2024.

Upcoming Trauma Series Presentations

The Trauma Series IV has ended.

Please watch for our new series to start the Fall of 2024.  

Sessions will take place from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

TIEP (Trauma Internal Education Program)

The TIEP learning modules are for Children's Minnesota employees only. Access to these modules is blocked for any external learner.

Module 1: Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs

Module 1: Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma
Module 2: Hospital-based Violence Intervention
Module 3: Western Pediatric Trauma Meeting Highlights
Module 4: Medical Ethics in Pediatric Trauma

Module 1: Upper Extremity Fractures & Airway Trauma Considerations
Module 2: Non-accidental Trauma 
Module 3: Coagulation Defects
Module 4: Trauma Anesthesia
Module 5: Neuro Trauma – TBI

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